Welcome to Dechmont Air Rifle, Pistol and Archery Club. We’re delighted that you’ve found us! Use this site to discover more about our club, affiliated association and members. We also have an active Facebook page and Instagram, where you can see more images and details of upcoming competitions and events.

Our club is located just off Muttonhole Road, Hamilton. Please click here for directions.

If you are interested in air rifle, pistol shooting or archery, then this is the club for you. We welcome new members of all levels of experience and ability and cater for both informal fun shooting and competitive target activity. Please click here for information on how to join.

This club is affiliated to the  Scottish Target Shooting (STS Air) Association and the National Small-Bore Rifle Association (NSRA). These associations work in consultation with existing governing bodies and have created a unified organisation.

Due to the changes in Scottish Law, air gun owners must have a valid Air Weapon Certificate, Shotgun License or Firearm Certificate. It is for this reason that our club will only permit people to  shoot at our club if they have a valid Air Weapon Certificate, Shotgun License or Firearm Certificate or are supervised by someone who meets the above criteria.

If you have any queries at all, please contact our club secretary, Rob Robertson.